The Right & Proper Information

Information is one of the most essential things in business and basically in everything we do. For starting a good business, we need the information that we need for the matter. For example, in starting a food business, we need to know what kind of food is suitable for the place where you want your business. If you want to open a Chinese restaurant, you need to know how many Chinese food lovers in the community are.

As for the whole economy, our leaders and even the regular customers should also have the proper information. This website is intended to give people the proper information in every aspect of life, business and the community.


This is a website that gives the right information that you need to have to help the community. Entries and articles in this website discuss how to help improve the nearly surviving economy. One example is tips on buying a new home. We all know that buying a new home is not an easy decision. There are certain factors and conditions that you need to consider before buying a new home. So this is why you need the right and proper information that you truly deserve.

Education matters as well. Being able to adapt quickly to a changing job and housing market is important for some people, and with a great education you can pull this off. I’m not talking about getting a masters degree necessarily; I know plenty of people who lacked finances and could not get a scholarship, but they were able to manage their time, and were very smart with software and computers so they taught themselves new skills.

There are many mistakes that happen and are being done by people when purchasing a house. The first one is disregarding the financial aspect. First time buyers usually want the perfect house designs and layouts but they tend to go beyond their budget. So that is why it is important that you check your budget before the purchase.

Next mistake is that people have no future plans. People usually purchase a house without thinking about the future. You buy a small house but you want a big family. You have bought a house with a garage but have no plans of buying a car.

Another mistake is that people tend to skip inspection (lots of inspectors have software now and they catch almost every problem). This is a common issue to everyone. Being overwhelmed by the beautiful house, some usually tend to forget to inspect the more important details of the house.

Also, because of being overwhelmed, the real estate agents can easily attract the novice buyers into buying the house in the agent’s conditions.

So that is one big reason why we need the proper information. It can help us in everything we do and in our daily lives. Proper information can also help us change the economy. Proper usage of information can also be a key.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is not an easy decision most especially for first time buyers. There are certain factors that need to be considered to ensure that you purchased the perfect home. The increasing rates of mortgage urge renters to buy new homes instead. This has been going on for quite some time as real estate forecasters predict the low housing input every year.

Mistakes during Home Purchase

  • Disregarding Financial Aspect – oftentimes, first time buyers tend to look for perfect design houses with good kitchen layouts but forget to think about how much money is involved. It is important to integrate your desire and the amount of budget you can afford.
  • No Future Plans – when buying your new home, it is essential to think about what’s going to happen in the future. Think about your plans 5 or 10 years from now and consider them into your decision. Do you need a big lawn? How many rooms do you need?
  • Don’t be too obvious – if you are novice buyer, it is still important to control your emotions so as not to easily get intimidated and overpowered by real estate agents.
  • Inspection Skipping – this is mostly an issue with buyers. Always keep in mind that pictures online is totally different when you get to see the house firsthand. This will give you entirely an idea what the rooms and other areas of the house look like. This will save you some money because who knows you’ll spend more on renovation than its actual price.
  • Depending on Good Faith Estimate – good faith estimate is what lenders have to provide potential buyers to give them an approximate amount of what they have to pay during the closing time. You need to realize that this is not the exact amount, it can change and normally it goes higher.

Novice buyers need some guidance, try to ask from individuals that you trust or from people who have experienced purchasing their own homes. More than anything else, think hard and be wise with your decision. Don’t be too over excited and avoid being impulsive, you need to consider a lot of factors before buying a new home.

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Foreclosures: Are They For Real?

It may sound alarming but housing foreclosures recently showed that there is an increase in filings every month since the past years. What does economy suggest about this?

There is nothing that companies can do about the situation and even lending institutions agree that they cannot help those who are in financial crisis. Unless people are allowed to stall on the foreclosures, there is a certain possibility for modifications of loans to prevent, if not totally stop, the emergence of mass foreclosures. A few lenders can just accept foreclosures and people regard this as an opportunity to still stay in their residential property for at least another 90 days before finally leaving.

Some banks or lending entities try to hold back the list of Real Estate Owned properties or the REO which results in a feeling of insufficiency in the market. This is done in order to control the flow of supply and demand of the properties, and eventually they can control the price and the stocks accordingly. It is still a business after all and these banks/lending companies can always play around to gain money out of the situation.

Unemployment is also one of the major factors of some foreclosures because if one loses a job and cannot find an immediate replacement for the lost income, how can he possibly pay the home and car amortization? Surely, a person cannot just acquire loan from so many loan sharks because eventually this can result to bankruptcy and would only add to already existing financial problems.

The economy has not been so bad yet this is very visible because companies continue to cut workers and have been experiencing unpredictable amount of losses due to the recession. Economists had been predicting a rise in the percentage of unemployment so while still employed, it is best to save money as much as possible. The circulation of money is diminishing day by day which only worsens the already worse situation.

While most people and large businesses are both running out of money, credit cards are being continually used to pay the bills and other mortgage obligations. The problem is once a person had depleted his credit limit, he would most probably spend all his savings and even the retirement benefits. If these are all used up, there is only slim chance that he can acquire or buy a particular property after a foreclosure in the years to come. It is actually a domino effect which started with unemployment, unwise spending and improper handling of finances.

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Investing in Houses and Cars: A Wise Decision?

One of the major difficulties that may happen right now is the possible decrease in terms of value of your homes and other properties. It may cause panic and can be brutally frustrating but you need to let it pass or else you will end up devastated.

It’s like buying and investing in something like a truck or a car, the moment you get it from the car dealer and drive it off, that is the start of devaluation. The value is not increasing but will generally start to decrease the minute you use it. And yes, although the value starts to decrease you don’t leave the car and abandon it right on the road. Every vehicle can devalue yet people still keep t

hem because they need them and they invested a whole of lot of money on these automobiles.

And keeping the car is reasonable, why? It’s because it is still valuable and it takes you wherever you want to go – in your workplace, in your client’s place and in your homes. You don’t think of how much you have to pay for the loan, instead you think of how necessary and important the role of a car is in your daily activities. The only time that you should be concerned is when you have to deal with an approaching financial event which can totally affect your economic status. In this case you can deal with taking out an equity loan if you really need to.

Worrying can get you to nowhere instead think and take things positively in situations as follows:

  • If you really need to sell your house to upgrade, and you sold your house a little down your expectations, you should also think of the seller of the house you bought. The owner must have lost a little than you do, and that would make you feel better. Of course, you bought that house to upgrade, that means it is a better house than your old one, and the value is pricier when you decide to sell it in the future. Think of it as a good investment and can help alleviate your financial status.
  • Refinancing an existing loan may be a better option than paying for the interests on your properties which you cannot afford to update your payments anymore. It is like getting another loan to pay for an existing loan on easier terms. 

You see, if you invest your money on something, you need to think of the value in terms of money and necessity. Money means in the future you can sell that certain property in a much higher value. Necessity means the property may devalue, yet it had served its purpose and you can still sell it in a much lesser price.



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U.S. still ranks No.1 in few but not Enough for the Economy

America might be struggling with its economy for the past couple of years. College graduates can’t find decent jobs and there are still insufficient jobs for millions of people. However, this country still excels in a few other things.

surveysIn a recently released, “better life index” by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Switzerland came in 1st place for overall life satisfaction. Australia ranked the highest in all 11 categories earning the title “World’s Happiest Country”. In this survey, United States came in 6th.

U.S. Ranks No.1

U.S is in the top 1 for income and housing. For income, the country has the highest average level of household health with $116,000 per household. American citizens have the highest level of personal earning with $54,450 and disposable income of $38,000 per household per year.

However, income quality in the country is not doing well. It is the disproportionate of wealthy to the average family. In fact, U.S. is the worst out of 27 nations. Wealthy Americans really live in luxury.

Housing affordability in U.S. ranks eight out of 36 nations while the quality of housing, as measured by basic facilities, is at No. 1. Americans also enjoy the more spacious living spaces. A typical American house has 2.3 rooms per person other than homes in Korea, Japan and other countries which do not have the same amount of open space.

U.S. is Way Behind

On the other hand, U.S is losing its ground in the quality of life. According to a survey conducted by the Word Economic Forum, the U.S has fallen from the first place down to seventh in 2008. In another study, Cyprus is found to be more appealing for foreign investors rather than America.

Another thing that is pushing this country down in rankings is the health care system. The health care system in the country costs more than other countries in the word. The spending on health care is 2.5 times more than the average in other developed countries.

However, life expectancy is still below average. In WEF’s latest study, the trustfulness of people to its politicians put U.S. in the 54th place and 76th in efficient spending of the government resources. Also the Homicide rate brought the country to 32nd out of 36 nations.

In conclusion, America still has a stable economy and many opportunities are still available. However, success for many businesses and people are getting slimmer and slimmer. It might still be a better idea to build a good life in America but it is not as easy as it used to be.

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2.4% Growth on US Economy but not What Experts Predicted

us economic growthOvershadowed by the cutbacks and slow inventory building, the U.S. has gained the biggest expansion since 2010. Gross domestic products increased by 2.4 percent annualized rate but it is less than what is expected by the government.

With the rise of the household wealth, increase in home values and stock prices which resulted to America to weather down to pay high taxes and substantial purchases. With flexible consumer spending, housing marketing and more jobs will strengthen the expansion for the second quarter of the year.

However, more Americans are applying for the unemployment insurance payments which increased by 10,000 to 354,000 as the week needed, as Labor Department reported.

The Forecast

Eighty-one economists conducted the survey of value of the services and goods. According to the survey, the GDP increased 2 to 3 percent. Consumer spending is 70 percent of the economy which increased by 3.4 percent annualized rate in the first months of the year. This increase is added to the 2.4 percent increase of GDP.

A decline was noticed in the commercial construction which the government did not expect. Equipment and software businesses become popular which the government also predicted to be less than the estimate.

On the Right Path

The gain in household purchases means that the economy is equipped with $85 million for fiscal tightening and also the 2 percent increase in payroll tax has taken effect at the start of the year. Economists predict that for the next quarter, 1.6 percent annualized rate and the GDP will also climb up to 2.4 percent for the last 6 months of the year.

The domestic sales went up to 1.8 percent a little bit more than the 1.5 percent estimated. According to Brian Jones of Societe General in New York, the country is on the right path for a better economy. He also said there are other factors that could affect the growth of this country that should be considered.

There is Still Hope

Most homeowners buy new products to redecorate their homes. When you move in to a new house, it is common for owners to buy new things for the house. Also home values in more than 20 cities have increased by March 2013.

Price pressures are still contained. The measure of inflation with the consumer spending increased by one percent which is a high number than the 0.9 estimated. It is the goal of central banks to maintain inflation with 2 percent.

However, the number of unemployed, insufficient wages and tightening policy are still problems for this country. The tightening policy could slow down the progress of the country, so the government should take action regarding these issues.

U.S. is struggling with its economy but with its men not losing hope, everything is still possible and can be achieved.

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